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    Default Homer Silvers

    Hey, just wondering if trolling for silvers around Pogi has been yielded any results for anyone. I will be down this Friday and would like to know whether it's worth a shot.


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    I would def. give it a shot. They were catching a few when I was down there a couple weeks back, so it should be pretty good now.
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    Default Silvers

    This past week end..didn't get any, didn't see any.

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    If anyone was catching them a few weeks ago I'd love to see pictures of them.

    I'm out there just about every day and haven't seen much evidence of them other than a few "jumpers" here and there. I talk to other charter captains every day and there are a few reports of people catching them out near Dogfish and Elizabeth, but, once again, a lot of talk and no action that I have actually observed. I also check the carcass bin next to the fish cleaning table every day when I come in and I haven't seen a single silver in there through today. When I catch fish---especially silvers---I take pictures. I sure have heard a lot of "talk" but we all know how that goes. I was out by Elizabeth today and was going to give it a shot, but got blown out of there and had to move closer to home.

    And I actually trolled Pogi on Monday for about an hour or so and caught a LOT of pinks. There have been pinks around for a few weeks and I'd guess someone that doesn't really know the difference between salmon species might think a pink was a silver, but I can assure you I do.

    I've heard a couple of people talking about catching silvers "out in the middle" of K-Bay, but once again a lot of talk, but sure no pictures. A picture is worth about a million words.

    But that being said, I wouldn't NOT try it. In fact I will be doing it every day the weather allows it. I caught my first silver on the 19th last year, so they'll be there any day now.
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    I do know they have caught quite a few silvers in UCI Commercial fishery. Had one set net site that had 50 in one pick of three nets last Thursday. Not bashing comm fishing here, just stating #'s on ADFG website and what I saw personally. With that said, I would keep an eye out and a line out for silvers.

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    Oh, I have no doubt there are silvers out there somewhere and I'd be willing to bet if you trolled Pogi for 12 hours straight you might just catch one or two. Probably a feeder king or two, too. But you're also going to catch about 20 pinks, a bunch of pollack and probably a few juvenile lings as well. But I'll be out there trying until you just don't really have to "try" too hard anymore.
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    Any way to catch some salmon from shore out there? surf casting maybe? Hey muttley, just a question hear anything about deep creek pinks in there yet?
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    Well, you can catch silvers in the "fishing lagoon" but in Kachemak Bay and out in Cook Inlet you really need to have a boat. I suppose you could catch them from shore further up north, but I've never tried it. Someone else might have experience with that.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "deep creek pinks" so can't really help you there. If all you want are pinks I wouldn't drive all the way to Deep Creek just to catch them. Not to be disparaging, but I'd rather target silvers since there isn't any lack of them in the next few weeks to come---Kenai, Kasilof, etc.
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    BTW---I was talking to a good friend today about silvers and he has caught a few "down south" a ways, so they are out there. And that was a few days ago, so I would be willing to bet you will be able to catch them at Pogi now. I'll be out at Pogi tomorrow giving it my best shot if we get our halibut licks in first.
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