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    i have a 12 gauge my father gave me in kodiak while duck hunting and when we got back a spring or something popped out and we tried taking it apart just to find out we couldnt put it back together! haha. so my question is..does anyone know a gun shop or any sort were they would fix a gun? thanks any info would help i just wanna get it fixed soon

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    From your thread I could not tell what part of the world you live in. Are you in Kodiak? or were you just over there hunting? A little more info and I will be glad to help you find a shop to fix your shotgun.

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    oh sorry now that i read it is confusing, i lived in kodiak and moved to the valley, so im now currently in wasilla

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    If you want to stop buy the shop I am more then willing to try and help you put your shot gun back together for you.

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    okay, so its Artic Ammo in the valley? and how do i get there?

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    palmer wasilla the strip mall west of the brentwwod post office you'll see the guys white hummer parked out front
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