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Thread: 338-06 160 grain barnes loads

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    Default 338-06 160 grain barnes loads

    I was wondering if anyone has loaded up any barnes 160 grain bullet out of there 338-06. I was looking at the manual and it says it will push that bullet 3095 to 3241 FPS. I thought this would be a great deer round. I just just wondering, if going with this light bullet if it would shot well; when the rifle was intended for a 200 to a 250 grain bullet.

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    My brother bought some to load in his 338 Federal...............none done yet. I don't see any reason why they would'nt be any less than superb in a 338-06 for deer, black bear, or caribou. 180 grain accubonds shoot great out of my 338 Fed. Just guessing, but, those two bullets are probably similar lengths.


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