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Thread: calling all VHF GURU's

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    Default calling all VHF GURU's

    I think I have a ghost in my radio's. I have 2 vhf radios in my boat that are separately wired to include their own antenna's, I believe in being prepared. However, now after a few years of working fine, I found that the radios are not fully working. One radio will only transmit and the other will only recieve. I have checked the speaker and it is fine, so I am truly perplexed as to how both radios can develop a problem, the exact opposite problem, at the same time. That seems to be more than coincidence. Any ideas? Solve my mystery!


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    Make a trip into Los Anchorage, and take them to Surveyor's Exchange. I wouldn't trust anyone else.
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    Pull the antenna plug on the back of the radio and check the center conductors. Its a common problem for the center conductor to melt over time if the radio isnt tweeked right. I dont know if its the problem or not but its where I would start.


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