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Thread: Kit plane for Alaska?

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    Default Kit plane for Alaska?

    Just wondering if you would own a kit for alaska? Why or why not? If so what would it be?
    Would you buy one that someone else built?

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    IMHO, Kits are expensive, they take twice as long to build as the manufacturer tells you. Unless you are the rare person than can work on it everyday for a year or two and have funds that can cover your hobby you may want to look at buying something that flys. I bought one that was advertized as 1000 hr to build= 3000 in the real world. $29,000 for kit, ad. finish for under 40,000= 80,000 to 100,000 if you didn't have a death wish. So serveral years work later you end up with a plane you can do the annual on! Of course you could have had a 180/185 or super cub and been flying for several years, oh almost forgot- the resale is bad and the insurance is high, the resale market is also very small. Sorry to be neg but look up the stats on completions on homebuilt A/C, then you might jump right onto

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    There are more Smith/TCOW/Backcountry Cub kit built airplanes flying than most guys recognize and some are really good airplanes. In the end the cost is pretty close to an equally outfitted certified Cub, but the modification options are more liberal. There's nothing wrong with a properly constructed and well finished Cub clone. Who built it means everything.

    Cost recovery for a restored Cub is difficult whether certified or experimental. Not many guys realize how expensive it is to build an airplane.

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    You have to really enjoy the process of building for a kit to make sense. With lots of certified airplanes the purchase price is not too hard to take but maintaining an aging aircraft gets expensive. Also there is a lot more innovation in the experimental world. Kit planes are not for everyone. Keep in mind the "Pack" mentality, if all your flying buddies have Cubs and you show up with a kit they'll give you a hard time. If all you flying buddies have kits and you show up with a Cub they'll give you a hard time. If you decide to get a kit find some flying buddies with kits. Check out the Just Highlander. With the right engine it's a heck of a plane.


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