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Thread: Prince of Wales Island Fishing in September

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    Default Prince of Wales Island Fishing in September

    Hello, I am hoping to fish Prince of Wales Island for the first time this year. My current plans are to be there during the first week of September. My primary quarry would be silver salmon, but I would also enjoy catching pinks, chums, sockeyes, dollies, etc. if they are available.

    Is this a good time for silvers? If not, what dates might be considered optimal for these fish? What other species would be available at this time? Does this area fish any differently in odd or even years, or does it make any difference? If you could pick any week of the year to fish this area, what would it be?

    I would like to try to fish several rivers on a do-it-yourself basis. I will be bringing both fly and spinning tackle and hope to enjoy the area's scenery and fishing. Any advice or comments will be greatly appreciated.

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    Should be prime time fishing for Silver's and dollies.

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    Please post a report after your return. Especially regarding the relative amounts of pinks and silvers.

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    Default weather

    Rain can really blow-out some of the creeks and rivers that time of year (cross fingers).


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