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Thread: Be careful, and stay safe

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    Default Be careful, and stay safe

    Body of missing Anchorage teen found in river
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) Alaska State Troopers have found the body of an Anchorage teenager who was missing and presumed dead after falling into a river.

    Trooper spokeswoman Beth Ipsen says the body of 18-year-old Keith T. Reed was discovered just after 6 p.m. Sunday.

    He'd been hiking with two friends from Wasilla and taking pictures late Saturday in a remote area northwest of the Eureka airstrip, off the Glenn Highway.

    Troopers say Reed fell into the headwaters of the Little Oshetna River and was caught in a whirlpool near a waterfall.

    His friends, 22-year-old Jeremiah Crawford and 20-year-old Tyler Duncan, jumped in but couldn't find him.

    Troopers began searching for Reed by helicopter early Sunday.

    They located his body later in the same whirlpool where he fell.
    (Anchorage Daily News)
    Fishing boat capsizes near Shaktoolik, one crewmember still missing
    A Shaktoolik man died after his fishing boat capsized Friday afternoon.

    Alaska State Troopers found two of the three crewmembers clinging to a buoy near the northwest Alaska village of Shaktoolik.

    The body of the other, 36 year old Thomas Sagoonick, was recovered Sunday.

    Troopers say the fishermen were not using personal flotation devices.
    They say no foul play is suspected.

    2 die as canoe overturns on Kenai Peninsula
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) Alaska state troopers say two men fishing for trout have died after their canoe overturned in Johnson Lake on the Kenai Peninsula.

    Trooper spokeswoman Beth Ipsen said Saturday neither wore a life jacket. She said one couldn't swim and went under immediately, and the other followed within moments.

    Their identities were withheld until the families could be notified. The bodies were recovered.

    The Anchorage Daily News said the deaths were reported Saturday afternoon near the Johnson Lake campgrounds south of Kasilof off the Sterling Highway.

    (Anchorage Daily News)

    Reading the news this morning, I saw these 3 stories back-to-back. Just a reminder to everyone here, be careful and stay safe out there. It only takes a second for things to change.
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    Definetly good reminders to pay attention and wear your PFD.
    Hard to believe somwone could die in Johnson lake. that lake is an average of only 8' or less deep and people swim in it all the time because it is so small and gets warmer than many other peninsula lakes.
    I would guess Alcohol played a big part in one or more of these incidents.
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    Default Good Reminder

    It is good sense to take stock of your operation from time to time to make sure you are doing each task on your fishing trips as safely as possible. Keeping the boat and the crew intact is the responsibility of the operator.

    Don't get too complacent around all of the sharp objects we routinely handle. Handle all fish coming aboard wisely. A stab wound is no fun a long boat ride away from transportation to a medical facility! When setting crab or shrimp gear or dropping the anchor be conscious of the line going off the boat. Have knives readily available to cut yourself out of trouble. Have a safe and productive summer!

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    My family and I were camping at Johnson lake when those two guys drowned. Just returned to camp from dip netting when the troopers and EMS came tearing into the campground. Was a pretty somber afternoon.

    A friend of the guys arrived just as the troopers where bringing the first body to shore. Was not a pretty sight watching him realize that his friends had died in about 10 feet of water.

    Wear your PFD's.
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