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Thread: Kasilof report and daughters first dip net fish

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    Default Kasilof report and daughters first dip net fish

    Went down on Thursday and managed to try the evening tide for a little bit. Surf was pretty rough and commercial boats were headed in and out, so we called it a night and hit the beach again bright and early Friday.

    Friday morning tide only produced 3 fish and the kids opted to sit out the surf. Friday night we made it back and the kids decided that it was calm enough for them to get in the water. This is the first year my youngest is strong enough to handle a net so she was in the water next to me.

    Her net was about 18 inches from my leg and she started to complain about not being out far enough when she got her first Kasilof red. She was a happy girl for the rest of the trip.


    Saturday morning we did not dip and Saturday night we were back at it. Total for the weekend was 27 reds and one flounder that my daughter caught and decided to keep. Weather Sunday was sucky so we packed it up and came home. Seems harder and harder each year to keep the ladies out camping when the weather turns bad.

    Now to process the catch and get some sleep.
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    Thumbs up a first-fish picture - gr8

    Great trip/fish report. Even better than you posted a picture of a kid's first fish; those are the most special of all pictures.

    Whenever I see pictures here of kids having fun and doing good outdoors I add rep to the poster - they're the best posts! Thanks.

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    I agree with FamilyMan. Glad your daughter got her first fish and glad you had success.

    I haven't even tried to get down to the

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    Excellent report! Love seeing the kids having fun. My wife and I were at the Kasilof this weekend, and picked up where you left off. We decided to leave our 8 and 9 year olds at home with grandma and papa for this trip -- our first ever dipnet venture. We thought it would be easier to figure out how to do it sans child, and take them next time.

    We arrived Saturday night just before the tide went out and watched for a while, then decided to sleep in the truck and start dipping in the morning. Got up at 6 am and dipped the incoming tide. You're right -- the weather was pretty rainy, but the fishing sure was good. I got a double and ended up with 20 reds between my wife and I (10 each) by the time we drove away at 9:30 am (we were cold and wet and 20 was a good number). Missed quite a few hits, too.

    The guy next to us got a couple doubles in the strangest way -- he would try to extricate his fish from the net while standing in the water once in a while -- and at least TWO times another fish would slam his partially submerged net while he was working on the first fish. He'd then give up and drag both to shore... At one point I was helping my wife extricate her fish in the water and a red got caught in my net which was laying flat on the bottom (or nearly flat, the handle was under my armpit). I'm convinced some fish just want to get caught. It was fun, despite the rain.

    Sorry to hijack your thread, but it does deal partly with "Kasilof report."

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