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Thread: Some Kodiak Gear Rental Questions

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    Default Some Kodiak Gear Rental Questions

    My brother and I are headed to Kodiak next spring for a brown bear hunt. (unguided, I was drawn) 1st time Kodiak hunters. I've done a good deal of coastal black bear hunting on Prince of Wales though. The area I was drawn for has had an abysmal success rate in the spring the last few years. Not really sure why, but we are going to give it 100 percent of our effort.

    So.. my questions are:

    Who can you trust to rent good gear in Kodiak? (Zodiac/Outboard)

    What size Zodiac do you recommend for 2 guys?

    How much gas should I bring for 10 days of hunting? We are planning to use the zodiac to transport us to different drainages a few miles from base camp, and if the snow allows us, hike inland to a vantage point, and glass for the day.

    If any of you have any experience in using a zodiak raft for bear hunting, any advice would be appreciated.

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    Kodiak kamps is only place I am aware of for a inflatable rental, Unless you are in military then you can rent one from the MWR boat house on the CG base.

    Not sure but had a friend do same sort of rental for bear hunt last spring and got the boat, motor, sat phone ect from KK and was 900 for 12 or 13 days.


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