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    I have to share this dip netting story from last week.
    We were dip netting on the Kenai with our boat. I was driving, watching people get stuck high and dry for four hours with their boats, and my wife and oldest boy were fishing. When we cruised by the edge of the pillars of a large dock (where we often net fish) she got caught on something. I heard her yell, then a metal clang, then I saw the 1/2 inch rope snap in half! I asked if she was ok and she was but didn't want to talk about it because she lost the dip net. After a few minutes she said she wanted to get it back and I told her it was a shipping dock and it's 25 feet deep, plus the current is strong and there are boats going by constantly, but you can't tell her no in these situations. She grabbed my good stainless steel gaff and I said no, but there was no "no" so we did it. I pulled next to the pillars where we lost it and she said "I have something, get closer!" Just then the current was pulling the bow away and I tried to compensate but it was too late and she yelled a few things I can't put in this story. My nice stainless steel gaff and the dip net were gone. She said she wanted to go back to Anchorage and "don't talk to me", but I talked her in to fishing some more, and we did with only one net. As she started catching some fish, she got in a better mood, and as the tide went out I could see that a tree had gotten lodged on the upriver side of those docks. As we went by we saw the edge of the net! "Let's get it!"
    I pulled the boat up and she grabbed the rusty gaff (only one I had left and why she didn't use that one in the first place I don't know). She gaffed it and pulled, but it was stuck. This time I wasn't pulling away. She reached and got the fillet knife and cut part of the torn net off and I heard her pull it in from inside the cab. "I got it!" she yelled with excitement. Then she yelled louder "And I got the gaff!" A few seconds later she yelled even louder, "AND I GOT A FISH!!!" (apparently a red had gotten tangled in the net while it was stuck).
    It was a happy ending.
    Anyone else have a good story?
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    I've got a similar tale to tell. A couple of years ago, I was dipping from then north kenai beach. I use a net from Mike's welding in Sterling, and I had the 10 foot handle with a 10 foot extension. At one point, I felt a fish in my net, and went to pull back. The only thing that came back was the handle. Apparently the clip had somehow come loose and fallen out. I stood there for a moment in shock as to what had happened. I Walked back up onto the beach pondering how long it would take me to drive out to Sterling to buy another net. After a bout 5 minutes, a guy in the vicinity of where I had lost it turned and yelled, "DUDE, COME HERE, I THINK I"VE GOT YOUR NET!!" I headed back into the water and sure enough, he had my net. Not only that, THERE WAS STILL A FISH IN IT!!!

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    5 years ago, Myers and I were dipping out of my boat in the Kenai. We were using regular King fishing nets, not the 5' hoops. But we were still doing well. We got our limits easy enough. We head back to the launch and saw the tide was out. When I went to run the boat up on the trailer, the engined stalled out. So I started it up again and as soon as I shifted into gear, it would stall again. So I was like ***? I raised the motor up and saw netting, and thought oh man, this sucks. Upon futher investigation, I saw the nets were attached to two, very new, 5' boat dip nets. Big score. The net was so tangled, I just used the boat winch to get me on the trailer. Driving up the ramp dragging two new dipnets behind the boat spurred some hooting and cheering from the onlookers! One man's loss is another man's gain. Figured someone lost them over the side while loading, or launching.
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