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Thread: Hunting along turnagain arm (bird/indian)

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    Default Hunting along turnagain arm (bird/indian)

    curious about peoples expurrience hunting in these areas.....enlighten me

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    That's a pretty open ended question... what are you thinking of hunting in there? what do you want to know?

    It's off the road system near the biggest concentration of people in the state.

    There are a couple good trails leading into that country, but there are still plenty of nasty areas.

    There is private property scattered around near the highway to be aware of.

    There are three goat permits for that area - one nanny was killed last year.

    There are roughly 30 sheep permits including most of that area - last year a half dozen or so rams were killed in there (that includes all of the upper ship creek drainage).

    You can hunt black bears in the spring and fall. I see folk glassing hillsides from the Seward Hwy in the spring/fall that I assume are looking for bears. I imagine if you got back a ways from the main trails (which can be pretty busy with "nonconsumptive users") you'd have a reasonable chance of running into a bear. Never bothered with it myself.

    I think that about sums it up.
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