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Thread: Klutina Report?

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    Default Klutina Report?

    What is the word from any of you boys down on the Klutina? Worth making the drive tomorrow for a couple days to catch the reds? Or are ya really having to work for them while enjoying the beverages?

    Also, are you guys fishing from the bank for kings using the same tactics (eggs/corkie) for kings as you would elsewhere in the same holes you would be fishing reds?



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    You might want to move this one to the freshwater forum, this is the saltwater forum. Last I heard, it was still slow on the Klutina, but that was two days ago and things change quickly down there. I get King's out of totally different water than the reds on the Klutina. Guys get them while flipping for reds, but if you want to specifically target King's, look for any type of slack water or pool on the seam.
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