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    Default POW black rockfish

    Coming to Craig with my daughter for our 4th Alaska trip. I think we can find a few halibut and silvers but looking for advice on finding some black rockfish. We're still both kids at heart and lots of anything on light tackle is a blast for us. Thanks.

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    Yeah, I love to take the boys Rockfish Jigging with the Ultralight Rods, They just laugh with Glee as we hook up again and again, and we all hoot and holler. Great Fun

    You should find them shallow near the Rockpiles off Capes (but not always sometimes you'll find structure a mile off or so) hanging out around Pinnacles. I look for Ten Fathom humps, looks like a blue circle on the chart with a number in the middle less than ten. That shows a spot where it steeply rises to that number from more than ten fathoms (sixty ft.) They are really reliably found in country like that.

    Also just at the edge of the Kelp is a good bet. look everywhere for those pinnacles tho, Rockfish Heaven,

    Good Fishing to You and the girl.
    Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !

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    Please take home some our black rockfish!! That is something we have a ton of. I guided out of Craig for 6 years, and I am resident of Craig.

    What area out of Craig are you planning on fishing? I've got rockpiles up and down the outer coast where you can catch them every drop, on anything. One day we used little powdered donuts. (we were bored) Caught one on a whole banana too. (don't ask)

    My favorite spot is the gaviota rocks, inside of outer point. Every kind of rockfish you can imagine, thousands of black rockfish, and some monster lings up on those rocks. Get right up in 30-40ft of water. Just make sure you don't drift into those 3 rocks that expose themselves on low tide. I've caught a few 30lb + kings on those rocks dropping down for rockfish too.

    The biggest black rockfish I've ever caught are directly off cape addington, in the tide rip. About 150ft of water. They are huge! You'll think you'll have a king on for the first few seconds. The back of veta bay has some monster black rockfish too. Some big yellow eye, ling, and hali on those rockpiles off of little veta too.

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    Come to think about it, the reef that extends off of cape bart on Baker Is. is rockfish/ling/yelloweye/halibut heaven.

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    Wink My son calls it Catching .... not fishin!

    There alot of places out of Seward in south central AK that are the same, sometimes get the whole school up under the boat and you can hardly get the bait in the water. We use our Salmon trolling rigs mwith 20 lb test and they put up a good fight, we use a lead headed jig with a white shrimp tail. Yes if you leave a rock fish in the water for a while outside of the school it will attract a big ling cod to come up and start chewing on the rockfish.

    You should have a good time, lots of action!

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    are you going to make it into chatham? I guided out of port alexander 2 summers ago, can give you some butt marks, there was some nice blacks on a deep hump we found along with some great halibut fishing on both the east side and west side of the inlet. The better butts were at cape omney, by far! The hump as we called it was pretty good. We tied into some other really nice fish just inshore of it.....

    I like getting close to the kelp something with some deepwater close by or some kind of funnel (sturgis narrows north of sitka) is a sweet spot for blacks and yelloweye along with lings.


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