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Thread: Puma Conversion?

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    Default Puma Conversion?

    I am getting ready to purchase a Puma in .454 and wanted to know if it is possible to have it re-chambered to take the .460.

    Will it fit and can it handle the pressure?

    If this will work it would be a dream truck and trail gun sporting a 16" barrel.

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    Pressure of 454 and 460 are the same but the 92 action is too short to cycle 460. I have been looking for a lever in 460 for a long time and at this point I think Iím gonna end up building me one.
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    I have the Puma in 454 with 20" barrel. It pushes a 317gr cast right at 2000fps. Just how much more do you want in a 5 1/2 lb gun? The 460 would be neat but it is too long for the 92. I don't know of any svelt lever actions that would stand the pressure of the 460.

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    The little H&R 45colt BC is fun rechambered to 460 and you can do it yourself easy for thirty buck chamber reamer rental from 4D
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    It's not that I need that much more, it's all about shooting flatter. Since I first asked the question, I found an old thread where a guy was shooting a heavy diet of hot .454 hand loads running in the 65,000 CUP range. WOW!!!!

    I guess I was just looking at the wrong direction. I think I need to just look at 180 g. bullets. LOL.

    I do really want a 16" lever gun for going into the brush or running around in the "frog". The frog is my '89 4x4 Subaru Justy in camo strictly for hunting season. I think this 1892 in at least .454 would be the ideal gun for me.


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