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Thread: Falls Bay (PWS), anyone have experience anchoring there?

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    Default Falls Bay (PWS), anyone have experience anchoring there?

    Was looking at possibly anchoring in the little cove on the north side of Falls Bay, in Prince William Sound (South of Main Bay). In the cruising guide it talked about "locals living there" and that "state troopers have been called to settle disputes". Not sure what that is all about, but it doesn't sound inviting. Anyone have experience anchoring there? Any problems?

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    There is a small community there, it wouldn’t be my choice for overnight anchorage unless I had business there or was visiting someone. Don’t get me wrong, I know someone who lives there and it probably wouldn’t be an issue if you dropped the pick. But there are much more attractive anchorages nearby in other bays. The great part of PWS is you can usually find a little cove or bite somewhere all to yourself.
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    Default Falls Bay Anchorage

    If the commercial boats are fishing, you do not want to anchor there. If they aren't, you can anchor near the falls about 50 yards off shore in around 20' of water. It is not a very protected cove though if the wind picks up. You have to be careful entering the bay, there are lots of rocks, I would recommend a good chart plotter or a chart. I agree that there are much better places to anchor and explore near by. The waterfall is pretty cool though.

    There is a much better waterfall at Eaglek Bay past Esther Island if you are looking for a waterfall. I think it is called cascade falls. Lots of great places to explore in PWS!!!!

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    I spent 9 hours on the hook in Falls Bay waiting out the weather on the fifth of July. (We didn't have any problems with the comm guys working while we were there.) But, we couldn't tuck all the way into the north cove because there was a net strung all the way across it. So we anchored up on the East side of that little cove, just around the point, in about 20 feet of water with barely enough swinging room for my comfort. It was downright nasty outside the bay but we were pretty protected from the winds coming from the East. It was still a little blustery at times though. Watched the breakers rolling into the bay and the comm guys bobbing around for hours. Looked like loads of fun...
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