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Thread: lower penn guides?

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    Default lower penn guides?

    Got a friend in town and I cant get down that way. Great fella (if you love turkey hunting this is THE man LOL). Actually he's a class act, have known him for a little while now. Couldnt swing the time to go.

    Anyways, got a call today, so far the salt trip went well. We got to talking about river fishing and the best thing I can tell them is to take a guide down the river for kings BUT I dont know any. I know there is 2 guys in his party, not sure if there is more. I told them lower kenai or kasilof. Any recommendations on who?

    Also I dont know the lower kenai for chasing reds from the bank....any tips on where? They are doing a half day for salt salmon tomorrow then taking a tourist day on sunday. I typically fish the russian area being I havent drug the raft down yet.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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    well they f ly out wed....any info would be great on guides good or bad, kasilof or kenai for kings. As for flippn reds I'm sure they'll figure it out, wish like heck I could get down that way.

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    Jake Mahon of Alaska Wildland Adventures. Great guy to fish with. Was just on the cover of Salmon Trout and Steelheader.

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    Thanks I passed it along to them. They just went on a salmon charter and came in with a boat load of pinks.....yuck!


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