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Thread: 20 Mile beach launch

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    Default 20 Mile beach launch

    So, put in at the 20 Mile the other day. I've launched there for 15 years and never have experienced a ledge like the one which has developed there this year. It was interesting getting the boat out. I had to back the boat further into the water and take a running start to get my trailer tires over the ledge, that's even when my truck was in 4 low. I went back today to take a a look at the situation at low tide. There is a 2 plus foot ledge running most of the area where people have dumped their boats in in past years. People are backing in right next to the rock piles near the bridge as there is space for one trailer to back a boat in there and avoid the worst of the ledge. This one access point is going to make silver season interesting as it allows only one launch at one time and the backing to get the boat in the water takes more skilll so this too will slow launching at 20 mile as demand picks up.

    So onto the point of my post.
    1. Do you think it would be possible to break the ledge with shovels and form a more direct additional ramp and have that ramp survive throughout the rest of the season?

    2. Is there enough interest in such a ramp that a group of forum members who use the area would be willing to meetup to create such a ramp?

    As this is essentially the adult equivalent of playing in the sand and that we're not altering something which doesn't change by the season I can't imagine that this needs permitting of any sort. Let me know if you think that's a bad assumption too. Yes, I know what the say about assuming.

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    Default Shovel Party

    I noticed the same thing (it is mentioned in a post on the freshwater fishing forum).
    Assuming the USCOE or ADFG or USFWS have no heartburn ............................
    I would join in on a No.2 hand shovel project to chop down edge of the cliff for about 100 feet from the rocks downstream ...........Probably have to slope it back at least 3:1 for it to last or make any difference.

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    I really don't think it would stay like that for long. There's too much nature at work there. Couple of weeks ago there was no cliff, just a real smooth beach.

    It sounds like fun to play in the mud for sure though!


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