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Thread: Cabbage that did not form a "head"

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    Default Cabbage that did not form a "head"

    I had several cabbage plants in my garden this summer.

    None of them formed the nice "head." I have read this may be caused by planting them too late. I started my cabbage in an indoor window around May 1st and put them in the ground around May 20th. Was that too late?

    Anyone have any insight to this?

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    What kind of cabbages are they?

    I planted mine a couple weeks earlier then that, but you could get some cabbages from them.

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    I bought mine from a greenhouse this year and planted them the week before Memorial day. And I expected to have heads by now...but they are really only just now forming. It seems like it has been warmer, longer this summer than in the last couple of years. Also, I didn't get the partial shade up over them as early as I have in the past. ....I don't know what the deal is....but I am curious too.

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