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Thread: Chitina and Kennecott area fishing help?

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    Default Chitina and Kennecott area fishing help?

    Hey guys,

    My wife and I will be spending four or five days in the Chitina area and then over to Kennecott. Our first time there. Where would be a good place to fish rivers or lakes or both in these areas. We can float or wade for them. Salmon, grayling, trout, we like them all. Usually fly rods, but might bring the spinning gear too.


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    Default Silver Lake

    at mile 11 on mcarthy rd is stocked with rainbows.

    try a deer hare mouse fly on the surface, egg suckin leach, and the smaller rainbows will hit any dry fly. bring a canoe if you can. there are several other lakes just off the road. just before Silver lake there is another couple of lakes on the left but i cant remember the name. Also hit 2 mile lake. it 2 miles before you get to chitna near the DOT camp. not much help with stream fishing around there, sorry.

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    Thanks akphish,
    We'll definitely try them. Planning to bring the kayaks. We'll have to try our luck in the flowing waters too.


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