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Thread: Reds on their way into the pantry!

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    Default Reds on their way into the pantry!

    Red currants, that is. Ate a couple handfuls last night wandering the creek, as well as a few early season blueberries. The currants should be ready for mass harvesting in another week or so, but given the near constant humidity here in the mat-su this July they may start to rot first!

    Last year was the first year I have ever seen them not rot on the bushes, not at all, even into September they were still there because it was so nice and dry. Year before they were starting to rot before they were even ripe, and I'm worried this year might be the same, as I already saw some turned to that pale red and mushy state, but we'll hope for the best.

    Any other red currant afficionados out there?

    Still have about 2 gallons frozen from last year, plan is to combine those with part of this year's haul and shoot for a couple 2 gallon carbuoys of currant mead, one "plain" and one "spiced". Made a one gallon batch a few years ago and it was phenomenal.

    Anyone have any currant mead recipes they've liked?

    We freeze them and then in winter do mostly jam and syrup, this year mead as well, and always a handful sprinkled on top of apple pie filling, which is nearly divine.

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    I don't have any recipes or advice. I'd just like to be considered for a job in quality control
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