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Thread: Headed to the Klutina in AM

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    Stop by and say hi....Slate blue H3 with Bigfoot camper at Klutina Rvr Charters campground. Hope the runs picked up...if not, plan B = copious amounts of adult beverages!

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    Looks like massive beverages............I was also thinking of going but the report I recieved was the fishing was still slow we shall see might just go because. On the positive side there is hardly anyone there.

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    fishing is still very slow so bring plenty of adult beverages, I did see one red caught at groves campground about 20 min ago.

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    Colorado Jet Boater,
    How are the guides doing on King's upriver? I'm thinking that in a couple weeks, there should be a good number of fish worth making the trip for.

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    snowcamoman,looks like plenty of kings coming in on the charter boats. we are going in the morning with Erick at klutina salmon charters hope my wife,2 girls and I can get a few kings.

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    Good luck, I'm sure you'll get into some. I did decent two weekends ago, with the largest going 54 pounds. There are some hogs in there, hold on tight to your girls so they don't get pulled in.

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    Just got back from the Klutina and it was very slow. I saw no hook-ups for reds this am and my secret king hole was bombarded by a jet boat captain and his group this early am. I know I am still very new to this area so a secret hole is very suspect, but I was disappointed to wake up at 6am and find people in this hole. I guess not too secret. Well, no fish in my time spent.

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    You have to get up pretty early to beat some of the guides into the limited holes on the Klutina. Some of the floaters were on the river at 4AM, which means they're leaving the highway to drive up the road at 3:30AM or earlier.


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