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Thread: Lawnmower Maintenance

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    Thumbs up Lawnmower Maintenance

    Ran across this how-to video during my research and figured others might benefit from watching it:

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    I hate mowing the lawn, turns out that 1-2 heavy applications of ice melt per season renders mowing completely unnecessary!! Works out well as I always have some ice melt left over since I buy it in bulk. I now have a lot more free time on my weekends!

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    That's pretty good post there, two or three sharpenings a year(?) I never would have imagined,
    had the old Push Mower out last night for fun, the boys want to try it, seemed sharpening might be in order, but it worked pretty well

    And I thought that was what the Gas engine was for, never sharpening again, just mash through it

    Good Info There
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    I take a file to my mower blade twice a season. Like any other sharp blade it cuts better, faster and uses less gas. After the last mow of the season I remove the blade, scrape off the grass crud, clean my mower with soap and water, drain the gas then run it empty, pull the plug & fog the cylinder, sharpen and reinstall the blade, and for the final step the blade gets brushed with motor oil. Then it gets covered and put away. Come spring I add gas, prime and she starts on the first pull.
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