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    What is the best times to launch on this river prior to low tide and has anyone been there lately. Can you help a new boater on this river. I feel its better to ask than show my backside and damage something or someone thanks

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    How big of a boat are you launching? I take my 18' sea ark there on a regular basis in the fall and have launched at every tide level. High tide and low tide are easiest in my opinion. At high tide the "ramp" off the parking lot is darn near in the water and the beach is steep enough to put the trailer in the water and keep the truck out (be careful of the mini creek/drainage ditch that is immediately downstream of the access ramp if the water is super high). At low tide the river has cut a deep channel that you can dump the boat into with ease, the dry silt is fairly good traction, just don't back past the channel drop off. At mid tides it can be difficult because there is a long flat bench between the steeper upper beach/ramp and the channel drop off, if you're launching on an incoming tide at this level be very careful, the water line can move 30 feet in 5 minutes.

    Sometimes at mid tide it's best to launch as close to the Rockpile that is protecting the bridge abutment.

    I've only been up there once this summer and the launch area was the best I've seen it in a long time.

    Also, FYI the first mile or so of river can be very difficult to read the water depending on wind and tide level, stick toward cut banks and watch closely for where the channel moves from one side of the river to another and you'll be fine.

    Have fun!

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    Stopped by at low tide the other day. There is an 18" to 24" mud cliff drop off just above the low tide line running the entire length of the beach as far as you can see. The only place that did not have the drop off was right next to the rip rap rocks at the bridge which is where all the tire tracks were from people launching.


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