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Thread: There's gold in them thar hills!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kodiakrain View Post
    Wow Dave, That is the best I've read in a while, Jack London(?) or who wrote that,
    I Love This One, "I've stood in some mighty-mouthed hollow, That’s plumb-full of hush to the brim;"

    That's written by Robert Service. Google him, you'll like most of what he's written!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kasilofchrisn View Post
    Kodiakrain it is just a hobby for me. There is fun in just looking for gold. It can also include many other fun outdoor activities like fishing,camping,hiking,hunting etc...
    A coworker once asked me how much Gold I needed to find to pay for the mining gear I had just purchased. I asked him how much beer he had to drink to pay off his bartab. He looked at me funny and I began to explain it to him. I don't drink or smoke and his beer and cigarettes every month more than equaled that of my mining gear. To top it off I still have and use my mining gear but his beer and cigs were always gone.
    Some people do make money at it but most like me do it just for fun. I always find some color and have had a few days when I could have sold my gold for a profit. Mostly I just love to get out in the great outdoors and the chance of finding some gold just adds to it. You can get started panning for less than $10 if you already own a shovel. $100 will get you a sluice box and classifier (sieve).
    I did read an article on prospecting in Kodiak a few years back and as I recall there is some there. Maybe even enough for some guuys to make a little profit now and then.
    I second this advice. Though you can find gold with a pan that is all you will do. A pan is for locating promising areas and cleaning up the concentrates of other equipment. 3 people with 3 buckets, 1 1/4" classifier, 1 sluce, 1 pan, 1 shovel, and 1 pick can run 20 times the material that 3 men with pans and shovles can.
    It ain't about the # of pounds of meat we bring back, nor about how much we spent to go do it. Its about seeing what no one else sees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daveinthebush View Post
    It could not be said any better than this.

    The Spell of the Yukon

    I wanted the gold, and I sought it,
    I scrabbled and mucked like a slave.
    Was it famine or scurvy ó I fought it;
    I hurled my youth into a grave.
    I wanted the gold, and I got it ó
    Came out with a fortune last fall, ó
    Yet somehow lifeís not what I thought it,
    And somehow the gold isn't all.
    No! Thereís the land. (Have you seen it?)
    Itís the cussedest land that I know,
    From the big, dizzy mountains that screen it
    To the deep, deathlike valleys below.
    Some say God was tired when He made it;
    Some say itís a fine land to shun;
    Maybe; but thereís some as would trade it
    For no land on earth ó and I'm one.
    You come to get rich (****ed good reason);
    You feel like an exile at first;
    You hate it like hell for a season,
    And then you are worse than the worst.
    It grips you like some kinds of sinning;
    It twists you from foe to a friend;
    It seems itís been since the beginning;
    It seems it will be to the end.
    I've stood in some mighty-mouthed hollow
    Thatís plumb-full of hush to the brim;
    I've watched the big, husky sun wallow
    In crimson and gold, and grow dim,
    Till the moon set the pearly peaks gleaming,
    And the stars tumbled out, neck and crop;
    And I've thought that I surely was dreaming,
    With the peace o' the world piled on top.
    The summer ó no sweeter was ever;
    The sunshiny woods all athrill;
    The grayling aleap in the river,
    The bighorn asleep on the hill.
    The strong life that never knows harness;
    The wilds where the caribou call;
    The freshness, the freedom, the farness ó
    O God! how I'm stuck on it all.
    The winter! the brightness that blinds you,
    The white land locked tight as a drum,
    The cold fear that follows and finds you,
    The silence that bludgeons you dumb.
    The snows that are older than history,
    The woods where the weird shadows slant;
    The stillness, the moonlight, the mystery,
    I've bade 'em good-by ó but I can't.
    Thereís a land where the mountains are nameless,
    And the rivers all run God knows where;
    There are lives that are erring and aimless,
    And deaths that just hang by a hair;
    There are hardships that nobody reckons;
    There are valleys unpeopled and still;
    Thereís a land ó oh, it beckons and beckons,
    And I want to go back ó and I will.
    They're making my money diminish;
    I'm sick of the taste of champagne.
    Thank God! when I'm skinned to a finish
    I'll pike to the Yukon again.
    I'll fight ó and you bet itís no sham-fight;
    Itís hell! ó but I've been there before;
    And itís better than this by a damsite ó
    So me for the Yukon once more.
    Thereís gold, and itís haunting and haunting;
    Itís luring me on as of old;
    Yet it isn't the gold that I'm wanting
    So much as just finding the gold.
    Itís the great, big, broad land 'way up yonder,
    Itís the forests where silence has lease;
    Itís the beauty that thrills me with wonder,
    Itís the stillness that fills me with peace.

    Tupac Shakur?

    Just kidding I read the thread its Robert Service

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