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Thread: riser bars/ 98 summit

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    Default riser bars/ 98 summit

    ive spent a few days trying to figure out the best set of risers to get and now im looking for advice, so anyone got any ideas? looking to put a set on the sled. its a 98 summit 670. also gonna put a lefty throttle on it. who knows the names of some good gear?

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    They have a new 3" pivot/riser combo that works well and it pivots right at the steering post and if you need it higher just add a riser block on top of the adapter. They also have the ONLY left hand throttle that I use. It extends the throttle cables as well. Careful on the older sleds as 3" is about the max for the brake line and sometimes the wiring. I put a ton of miles on a '97 Summit so I'm familiar with your sled.
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