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Thread: Swede lake/Middle Fork Gulkana crossing?

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    Default Swede lake/Middle Fork Gulkana crossing?

    Looking to take my son in fishing to Dickey lake and was wondering if anybody has a clue how tough this crossing is.
    Last time I was there was 15yrs ago and I remember it as fairly deep. I know the interior has gotten quite a bit of rain. Anybody have any thoughts? Thank you!!

    Also how muddy is the section from the Swede lake trail to Dickey lake?

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    During high rain times it's kinda sketchy however most of the time it's no problem, you will see just before getting to the river that most people have gone left through the alders and cross about 20-30 feet below where the main main trail crosses, it is quite deep where the main trail crosses but the good thing is if you go off the bank there and the water is over your head your wheeler will float upside down to a shallow area about 20 yards down stream and stop right there for you.
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    I have never been on this trail or ridden in this area, but I have researched it quite a bit and hope to explore it some day. With regards to the Gulkana River crossings and the Middle Fork trail you should take a look at the link that I provided. It indicates that sections of the Middle Fork trail have designated crossings. So, the advice of going 20-30 feet below the main trail to cross may be illegal. I say "may be" because I have not been there and the crossing that is being discussed may not be the crossing that the "special rules" map is indicating. This is just a heads up.

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    Thanks you for the info,,,I really appreciate it!!

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    easy to cross the times i've been there.... take the 1st rite up the valley to dickey...blm has placed a lot of "trail saver" down...

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    No worries, walk it first to see the holes if your unsure. Careful of the main tracks. Some pretty big rigs use that trail as well as four weelers and you do not want to go in where they do!
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    Hi All
    Just got home a few hours ago. We made it to the crossing and decided not to cross. The water is quite high and fast and I didn't feel comfortable even trying it. We looked at the main crossing and the lower area and it was just more than I felt comfortable with. Unless the weather breaks it is going to limit some folks going into the Alphabet hills this year.


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