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Thread: Our "luck" yesterday on the north side...not quite like the ADN reports

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    Default Our "luck" yesterday on the north side...not quite like the ADN reports

    We were there, at the north side, caught two fish among the two of us in two hours, braved the impressive surf for another two, broke one net and lost another in the process. During our final two hours, there were hardly ten people on the beach. Those who stuck it out were soaked. People fell and needed help from whole families to get up. Yours truly was crushed by a wave and undertow, but the guy next to me just stared right past me, trying to hold his net and himself steady for dear life. A woman who had moved out of the water when high ones rolled in told me she had needed a group of people to help rescue her earlier. We did not see people catch fish much around us, and the beach was empty. The upside: the drive down there was wonderful, the weather warm and sunny for the first few hours, no crowds, clean potties, and our two fish are fat and gorgeous. I guess if we had started earlier and fished closer to the mouth, where the guy in the ADN story got all his fish, things might have been different. But you never know. We'll get a new net, fix up the other one, and try again tomorrow
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