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Thread: Grayling Lake - Dalton Highway

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    Question Grayling Lake - Dalton Highway

    Anyone know if there are any camping spots or areas to pitch a tent on Grayling Lake? I am going up the Dalton to Wiseman end of August with a friend and hoping to camp out at least one night south of Wiseman. I have made the Fairbanks - Deadhorse trip several times but it was always for work and could not stop, sure looks like a nice area. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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    ive spent the night at grayling lake... cant say i was camping. There is a pull out there that I parked my truck in overnight once in november a couple of years ago. I do remember an outhouse there close and it seems like there was a bigger parking spot near the south end of the lake. As far as a camp spot I dont remember. Plenty of other beautiful spots to camp this side of wiseman though.

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    2 miles north of Grayling lake on the right is a good campsite. There is a driveway leading into a D.O.T. gravel pit and there is a nice place in the trees right off the driveway. There is also a small pull out where you probably could set up on the north end of the lake. It's not that much further to get to Wiseman from there, probably only an hour.
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