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Thread: Question for you Yamaha lovers

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    Okay, here is scenario of things that I hope to get answers for. I talked highly of the Yamaha, but now am having doubts.

    Have a Yamaha 700 FI 4x4.

    Have a problem with the gas tank sounding like it is boiling? My wife took the cap off this spring while bear baiting and gas blew out all over her. Is this an issue that has been happening with others?

    Second issue: While the atv is parked/outside during rain, it gets water into the belt box. How in the HELL it does this is beyond me. The first time I opened up the box and water rushed out, I thought, HMMMM... so emptied it out and used it. Parked it and then it rained like hell on Sat and Sunday and went to take it for a ride and it was slipping again. Plugged the little drain plug and nothing came out, so took all the bolts out of it and opened it up and watched the water gush out.

    This is simply RIDICULOUS!

    So, any answers for the two scenarios?? I certainly hope so as the warranty for these machines sucks, so that has passed. I believe it is an 07 or 08.

    Thanks for your help!

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    The boiling gas thing is common. Yamaha will fix it for you free on the later models. It isn't hot but is under pressure. They replace a little check valve and you are good to go. I know what you mean about the pressure though. I have stopped to glass for moose and the darn thing sits there and howls. As far as the water in the belt housing I don't have any idea what you have going on there but it isn't normal. I have a Yamaha 660 and a 700 and have never had this happen. It shouldn't get any water in there until you are over the seat in water allowing it to get in via the vent line.

    I don't want to drive people away from this great forum but here is a link to another site that is a wealth of knowledge on Yamahas.

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    Head over to the forum in my signature and ask those guys. You will get tons of information dedicated to the Yamaha from them.
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    No worries on the link there contender, we do what we do very well but there is little doubt that we are not going to be able to be a one stop shop for every thing for everybody. We have our core market (AK outdoors) pretty well locked down but there is no way we are going to draw the international ATV scene like Highlifter or griz central has.


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