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Thread: Full time 4x4 4-wheelers

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    Question Full time 4x4 4-wheelers

    Has anybody installed or know anybody that has installed one of the warn kits to take your 4-wheeler out of 4x4. I have a 350 Big Bear that is full time 4x4 and was thinking about installing one of the warn kits but was looking for some advice/experince with the kit good or bad. Thanks in advance.

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    I have a honda rancher w/full time 4 x 4. I put one on a couple yrs ago. Best thing I ever did for rideability, more power, & better fuel mileage, handling, etc. Mine is a Warn 424, they do not make them anymore, but some companies still sell them. I waited and eventually picked one up on Ebay for $150. Not too hard to install, did it myself in an afternoon. Basically you replace the front driveshaft w/it. Do some research online and you will see most folks are favorable with them.


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