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    Hey guys, take a look at the video from the dall. It was a great trip with lots of action on top water. In the day we (Helmuth and I) fished we brought over 30 fish to hand with the largest pushing 34". The average size fish was 30".

    Flies: large divers were the ticket but their life span was only about one fish. I was using a large white and red diver and after the first fish all you could see if red elk hair floating on the surface.

    Tackle: buzz bait and jitter bug were the go to guys.

    The horse flies were on steroids. I got bite by something and my leg looked like it belonged to andre the giant. It was pretty nasty but only lasted for the day before subsiding.

    Enjoy and let me know what you think,


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    Looks like you guys had fun. Great video. Tight lines.
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