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Thread: Any tips on Quartz Creek??

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    Default Any tips on Quartz Creek??

    I was just starting to get into fly fishing when I moved back to Alaska from Montana 8 yrs ago. Since I got back I've done almost no fishing. A little salmon slaying & that's it.
    Now I want to get into fly fishing again.
    Every time I drive past Quartz Creek down here on the Kenai I think about fly fishing... Let the tourists have the Kenai
    So, my question is, for the remainder of the summer hows the fishing (non-salmon) on Quartz Creek? Dollys, Rainbows, ??? Any particular place to start & any favored flies?
    I also want to play with silvers & pinks with the fly rod but that will be a seperate thread.
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    Quartz gets hit pretty hard once the reds get in there so don't expect to be fishing by yourself! As for flys, eggs immitations and flesh will be the ticket. Again, wait for the reds to get there (should be any time now) but the fishing can be good for trout and dollies. You can access the creek from the side of the Sterling Highway as you head towards Cooper Landing, or from the turnoff for Quartz Creek Campground. Keep going past the campground and you'll come to a bridge that goes over the creek. There are some places to park, but not a lot. For silvers and pinks hit Bird Creek in a couple weeks.
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