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    Well it seems like this summer I've been running the gambit of all types of fish from grayling, pike, reds, kings, looking forward to pinks & silvers but being my first summer up here I'm not to familiar with where to look for rainbows & dollys. For some reason the idea of a nice rainbow appeals to me more than a dolly, but I'm interested in both. I gave it a shot this last weekend around Denali w/ very little success. I had 5 fish on and landed one. I think I was to use to hooking into grayling and wasn't setting the hook enough to land em. Any tips on rivers/areas to look? Also, fly patterns would be a help as well. I live in North Pole and know that I'm gonna have to make a trip out of it, but the closer the better.

    I'm sure ya'll already know this, but just in case... around Honolulu Creek is over run w/ grizzlies. I had two encounters on saturday w/ two seperate bears w/ in 1/4 mile of eachother. One stepped out at about 50 yds and approached us up to 25 yds. Another, while i was in the middle of a 15ft. wide creek, poked his head out on the bank in front of me. A little too close for comfort. Both bears were pretty curious and seemed to approach us wondering what we were doing. Make sure you guys carry whatever protection you've got bc they were getting pretty close... Never seen a grizzly in the wild, and in one day seeing two was pretty exciting.

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    Yeah, stream fishing for bows and dollies from the FBX area is tough, especially on one's car. Here's what I know:

    Down the Parks
    Closest dollies are in Penguingue (sp?), just north of the park entrance. They're tiny but pretty fun on a dry fly. I've never fished Jack or Carlo but heard there's a few bows in there. Honolulu can be good - I've fished there a few times, catching bows into the lower 20"s (and never seeing a single bear!). Byers and Troublesome can also be good; Montana, Sheep, and Willow can be great, especially later in the year. Black egg sucking leaches and brown Muddlers with zonker strips have worked well for me. If there's salmon in the river (i.e. from here on out), beads are probably you're best bet, numbers-wise. Use enough weight (split shot about 18" up) to reach bottom quickly but not so much to keep your bead from ticking along. 10-mm beads if only kings are around, 8-mm for silvers and chums, 6-mm for pinks and reds. Adjust color accordingly. Take the time to adjust your rig for the particular piece of water you're fishing at that moment. You'll steadily learn what's bottom and what's a take. Whenever in doubt, strike.

    Down the Richardson
    Gulkana's the closest I know of with rainbows. Find the faster water and you'll find some trout. I'm sure there are dollies further to the south. If you're looking for great sight fishing for dollies, try squeezing in some time on the Robe on your next silver trip to Valdez.

    Hope this helps...

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    Hey that was great Dinker...I really appreciate it! I picked up a book called Fly Fishing Alaska and it's got some good info in there but this was very helpful! Thanks again.


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