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Thread: Hate the new changes!

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    Default Hate the new changes!

    Not a fan of the new look! Perhapse hate was a bit strong but I can't find anything, the spell checker wont work, screen gose blank and it's hard to read the thread titles.

    Oh well guess I'll get used to it.......I do need the spellchecker though!
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    You're not alone! Check the Hunting or General forums...


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    The new software ROCKS!!! I am really liking it and it works great w/ firefox. Just need to get the size thing fixed, when it is set up and fits your screen it is fantastic. I use firefox and just hold control and spin the mouse wheel which adjusts the page display size untll it fits right. Did it once and it seems to have remembered the setting w/ no further issues. They should get it set to a better default in the near future.

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    Default not the overall size

    It is the size of the thread titles that is a problem. The name of the thread starter is larger than the title of the thread. It does make it hard to read them.

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