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Thread: Seagulls - rats with wings

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    In the spring, I'm always glad to see the first seagulls show up because it means summer is on its way. But then the longer they're here the more I hate them.

    After dipping at the Kasilof, I took my fish to Centennial camp ground in Soldotna to clean my fish (you have to pay around $6-7 to use their cleaning tables which is worth it so you don't have to get mud and grit in your fillets when cleaning them on the Kasilof beach).

    All the tables were empty, so I used one table for cleaning and the one right next to it to place my zip-lock bags containing the fillets. Of course, seagulls were everywhere like the Hitchcock movie The Birds. I bent over to get another fish out of the cooler and when I did a seagull grabbed a bag containing a fillet and got as far as the river before it dropped it. The bag landed just out of my reach and so I ran downstream several yards to see if it would come closer to shore. The people who were fishing where I was running to looked at me like I was a crazed killer, wondering why I was running at them. What I saw when I got there was my bag floating about 20 feet from the bank with a seagull floating next it it trying to figure out how the hell to open a zip-lock bag. When I figured it was a lost cause, I started back to the cleaning table and saw it covered with seagulls trying to take off with the fillets I had laid out but not yet put into bags. So I ran back to the table, waving my arms and yelling at the top of my lungs, to chase them off.

    I got two things out of the experience - A lesson learned about how sneaky those rats with wings can be, and a good laugh.

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    Yep, they are pretty smart ain't they? Send "Bob the decoy" in like that to get you to turn your back on the real treasure. ;-)

    Still can't quite figure out why they are federally protected. It's not like there is any shortage whatsoever.
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    Thanks for the laugh. I can picture someone screaming and yelling while running towards me, then doing the same thing running back to where they came from with arms flying around.

    Yeah those birds can be pretty aggressive at times.

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    up here it is the Ravens ... will brazenly clean you out while you run in circles to ward one off...

    things come out of one cooler into the other...

    the worst i have seen them here was at -48 had a raven take the brats out of the bag AS i set that bag into the bed of the truck we cant leave anything uncovered here, ever...
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