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Thread: Kenai fish cleaning at the city pier

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    Default Kenai fish cleaning at the city pier

    There is a bunch of tables at next to the Kenai Public boat launch. I have used it a bunch in years past after dipping from my boat. This year a grumpy old dude yelled at me for not paying him $30 to use the tables and water set up there. I resisted the urge of to tell him about long walks of short piers and cleaned my fish else where for free.

    What is up with the cleaning stations? Has it always been necessary to pay? If so, I have poached it maybe a dozen times. There are no signs, at least ones that can be seen from a car driving in to the place. All of my fishing buddies have been using it as well thinking it was part of the entrance fee for launching and parking.

    It would only make sense to have a cleaning station to handle the thousand of fish harvested there instead of clogging up the cleaning stations up river. But again, who ever said that things had to make sense.

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    I am guessing you are talking about the tables behind the big gold colored building just down stream of the city dock? You can drive from the city dock parking lot through the gate that says "Floating fish cleaning docks" and "Shave Ice". If you go next week there will probably be somebody sitting by the entrance that you will have to pay to use the cleaning tables. I have used this place for several years and have payed every year. The "old guy" found us cleaning our fish this year and and after talking with him for a few minutes he said he would only charge us $15 to use the tables since we only had 29 fish. I left there with fish cleaned and covered with shave ice for $22. I thought that was a good deal. I guess it is a matter of perspective.


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