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Thread: Pro hunter encore ?

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    Default Pro hunter encore ?

    I shoot a .300 pro hunter encore and wonder if there is a ejector made for the gun.Just think it would be faster to get the target back in the sight,it's bad enough to hand eject,load a new one in,then get the target back in the scope.An ejector I think might add a few seconds on the reloading time.have mastered it in the ruger #1 but can't be as fast with the encore,it has done it's job alot with one shot but would be a different story with a angry bear.

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    There is a guy (mike bellem) i believe (just google the name) if its possible with the Thompson he would have it. I had a pro hunter in 243, shot good one day then bad the next. All around OK gun just not tough enough for what i do. The #1 is a vastly Superior gun IMHO. Neither one is a good choice for angy bears tho


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