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Thread: Coastal survival fishing kit

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    Default Coastal survival fishing kit

    I'm constantly re-evaluating my preps and my pack and I need to put a coastal fishing kit together. I'm thinking a spool of gangline and a spool of 50lb test and a few assorted hooks (circle and some bigger stainless hooks for salmon, sculpin, lingcod etc.
    This is supposed to be small and able to fit in a backpack with other goods, so it can't be very large in size. Any input is welcome and the area I travel is the Southern Peninsula and coasts along Katchemak Bay and Southern Cook Inlet.
    Any ideas?


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    Default drop the fishing kit...

    just a suggestion, but if your looking for a SURVIVAL fishing kit,drop the hooks and fishing line, and go with a gill net. small versitile and they work. Here's a link

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    Wish I could help, but I think our backgrounds are too different. I hang out in the SE and in NW WA, and for a coastal food gathering kit I'd probably choose a 4" fixed knife and a small amount of netting. You can use the knife to pry shelled animals off rocks or make a clam digging stick, and you can either use the netting as a gillnet or to make a dipnet. I've never had much luck fishing. Ideal tools for getting food might be different between our areas.
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