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Thread: semi close to anchorage

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    Default semi close to anchorage

    looking for something semi close to anhorage to fish. anything is good (except local lakes)! any pinks/reds happening near anchorage. willing to drive to the vally. any input would be apriciated.


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    Little early for pinks (in a week or so down in Hope/Bird creek). I'm gonna head to jims creek in the morning and see if there's any reds there yet although I've not heard there's anything there yet and even stopped by the other day to look. I'll let you know what I find. Fish Creek in Wasilla will start getting some reds within the next couple weeks. Might find a few early silvers in the valley but watch out for the king E.O.s
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    Went out to Jims Creek Saturday. Water was very dirty due to high winds as well as the countless knuckleheads riding their 4 wheelers through the creek. We were there for about an hour, and watched a constant stream of folks riding back and forth through the creek. Didn't see any fish whatsoever. Stopped by the tailrace on the way back, saw about 6 fish on stringers.


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