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Thread: bligh island halibut

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    Default bligh island halibut

    Was just wondering about fishing depths some of you guys fish out at bligh for halibut. Fished last year fairly shallow with little success for butts caught lingcod and rockfish just wondering if you need to fish deeper. We chartered a few trips last year and never fished over 120' and caught lots of butts although we were out a lot farther than bligh.

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    Default Deep Enough

    I'm not too familiar with that area as far as currents and feed, etc. But I would say in summer you shouldn't need to go deeper than 20fathoms (120ft) maybe even try shallower.

    July and August, I'll get up into 7fa with success, few and far between and larger but you should find those Black Back reef dwellers in there on the rocks.

    Other times of year maybe out to 27fa but I would spend more time looking for Hard Bottom with plenty of current flushing by, than any certain depth.

    Also wherever you are finding Rockfish and Lings, go out to "the edge" of the bottom type they are hanging on and look for Halibut laying there, or if there are little canyons in between the rocky patches
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