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Thread: Klutina River Jul 8/9

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    Unhappy Klutina River Jul 8/9

    Well, in a word, wait, in two words, VERY slow. Fished up and down the banks headed towards the mouth and landed 1, lost a couple others, and accidentally shikabobed a poor little Graying through the side. Never went to the mouth as everyone coming back reported the same numbers I was getting where I was. Did notice just a few peeps with full stringers, but waaay more with none. Bank fishing at Groves and Klutina Charters campground was slo-o-o-ow, I never did a see a single fish landed from those banks, and only saw one fish roll/break the surface/swim by in both days of fishing. Diane siad only a few were caught the night before at her place. For what its worth, the weather was Hot with bluebird skies which didnt help matters. I will be back there on 16-17 July when hopefully it's picked up. If you see a Blue Hummer H3 (with FISHN license plate) with a Bigfoot trailer, that us, stop by and say hi, share a drink or a story. Would be nice to meet some of the peeps that post here.
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    It's amazing what can change in 24 hours. I got in this morning (10th) and the fishing today was fair to good, with many limits caught. Fishing wasn't hot, but it was steady and productive. Hopefully today wasn't a fluke.

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    Had a buddy who fished wednsday and thursday and said it was hot. He was king fishing and got two real nice ones but said that people were pulling out reds pretty regularly. Must be real hit and miss this year!!


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