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Thread: August trip to Alaska

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    Default August trip to Alaska

    I will be heading to AK in mid August (first time) will be going into Anchorage up to Denali then down toward Seward and ending up in Homer to halibut fish. I want to take some fishing rods but need some help on selecting rods, lures, flies and anything else I should take to fish while we are touring around. Thanks

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    Get the book Flyfisher's guide to Alaska or Highway Angler, can help you plan your trip while driving in AK from start to finish as far as fishing is concerned. You won't be disappointed.

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    I second the books. You will be in Alaska at a very good time to fish and there will be tons of possibilities. The books will help explain when, where, how and everything you need to know. They are a worthwhile investment. Good Luck,

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    Great suggestions on the books. Also check out the website for a fly shop in Cooper Landing, Alaska Troutfitters. Nice website with tons of info. Good place to book a guided float or hike-in day trip as well.
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