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Thread: First timer Kenai or Kasilof?

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    Default First timer Kenai or Kasilof?

    My wife and I have the 14-15 off. We are planning on trying our hands at dipping. Would the Kenai or Kasilof be more appropriate. Is the comm fishery open every Thursday? Thanks for any help!

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    Read around this forum and you'll find this topic has been hashed over several times.

    The Kenai is a zoo. IMHO, it is a bad place for a first-timer. Access is restricted and costs $$. The crowds are terrible. The fishing is more difficult.

    The Kasilof is very easy access and there is no charge to get there or to park. On the north side you can drive right up to the water and literally park within 50 yards of where you will be standing to fish. There aren't as many people, yet the fish are easier to catch since they are concentrated into the smaller body of water. And you can fish 24/7 and be there for the start of the evening/night flood which brings in most of the fish during the first 2 hours after the low change.
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