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Thread: Big and Little Oshetna River info

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    Default Big and Little Oshetna River info

    Does anyone have any experience with these rivers floating wise?? Looking at using them as part of next years 150 mile packraft adventure but don't want to run into suprises like (continuous Class III or sudden Class IV or Class V stuff).

    Thanks for any info.

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    it has been many years since i have been in there but the little o would be floatable if the water level was up, in a dry year it would be a Rocky endeavor. not sure about the big o as I shot my bou before i made it tht far

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    Thanks LuJon. From what I hear even the little O can be questionable on a wheeler at times which is more than enough for a packraft. Give me 4" of water and I'll be floating away. I am more concerned with potential Class III+ stuff between the Little O and on the Big O all the way to the Susitna.

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    Default Wilderness classic

    One of the groups used an Oshetna to get to Susitna. He mentions some excitement for a mile or so. Google the classic and you can find his quote.

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    Yep I found that. The last 5 miles in particular is VERY exciting. Which if it is exciting to those guys it is more than what I want to tackle. Those guys are animals. I will likely take out at the confluence of the Black River. Thanks for the info.


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