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    Upper Susitna Shooters Association Open House‏
    From:<IMG id=P___2085844283 style="DISPLAY: none" webimdisplayStyle="inline"> Range Officer ( You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junkSent:Fri 7/09/10 3:43 PMTo: Range Officer ( attachment2010 Open...pdf (258.0 KB)

    The Open house is only a week away and this is one last push for advertisement and volunteers.
    Attached is a poster and your assistance in posting it and/or passing it out to friends, relatives, politicians, visitors or Supreme Court Justices would be greatly appreciated.
    This is a FREE event and an opportunity for people to try out something new.
    We are also looking for additional volunteers. It is much easier to work for an hour or two and then be a guest for a while than it is to try to work with our guests all day. There will be a light appreciation BBQ for all Open House volunteers at 5:00.
    There will be a work party on Friday evening, July 16th to set things up for Saturday. We can use volunteers for this time period as well.
    Thank you

    Bring the family to the range and spend an afternoon with Air Guns, Action Pistol, Archery,
    Black Powder Firearms, Light Rifle, Silhouette Rifle and Pistol and Shotgun Clay shooting.
    This an event for those from 7 to 70 that can be enjoyed by all members of your family.
    All ammunition and firearms are provided by the Upper Susitna Shooters, the McKinley
    Mountain Men, the Arctic Rams, and Neilís Lock & Safe
    F A M I L Y D A Y O P E N H O U S E
    U P P E R S U S I T N A S H O O T E R S
    A S S O C I A T I O N
    Mile 94.5 Parks Highway
    All sorts of courses for all sorts of
    people. For you, your children and your staff.
    For life, for leisure and for business.

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    Thanks Allen, you beat me to it. I'm going to try a little batter linkage

    I'll be there running the archery range with the N.A.S.P. bows and targets.
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