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Thread: chena and salcha counts are posted

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    Default chena and salcha counts are posted

    Just got off the phone with Richard....they werent up yesterday....they is now . I couldnt check last night at work.

    15 through the chena wier totalw ith the first fish through the 6th, (6) and (9) on the 7th.

    Salcha to dirty to count thus far again as of the 7th.

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    Bout time!

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    no kidding! gonna have to think about monday and where. I'll keep ya posted. Was hoping to see SOME fish in the slacha..they definatly should be there by now.

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    Default Address???

    What's the web address to see the counts?

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    Default Worth Fishin

    I have heard they are fun to catch but, eating isn't good.

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    Default Count Website

    Just use the pull-down menu to select the river, then select Year and Species.

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    Willy, thats my thoughts. Some keep them to smoke. Others, well just arent so picky

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    I was wondering myself if people kept the kings that they catch in the Chena to eat or just catch and release?

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    I wont keep them, really atleast for me there is no point. They ARE fun to catch grab a photo and release. Kinda like clearwater to do, last open water trip for the year, but no way I'd consider keeping them.

    Some do....smoking seems to be the fav for them. Then again people eat tounge, brains, guts and gizzards if you do I wont hold it against ya

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    Default Meat Quality

    I've taken a few from the Chena where the meat was an opaque/almost clear-white color...yuk. Like all have said, fun to catch..but freezer already full or reds, kings, and (soon) silvers from down south to eat.

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    Default Fish count comparison...

    Was looking at the fish counts on Salcha/Chena back to 2005...there seems to be a correlation between fish counts at three year intervals, high-low. Has there been any studies that confirm whether the bulk of the fish in a given year are three year or four year returnees on the Salcha/Chena? There seems to be a higher percentage of smaller kings (10-20 lbs) in these rivers so maybe three year? High/muddy water on some years make gisting the data difficult but maybe someone knows for sure...
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