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Thread: Looking for racks for a 1985 suzuki 185lt

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    Default Looking for racks for a 1985 suzuki 185lt

    Yeah thats right go ahead and laugh, but i picked up a ole 4 wheel suzuki 185lt. I believe this was one of their first actual 4 wheelers though i could be wrong.

    Anyhow i am refurbing this retro machine. The machine had an after market set of racks for both the front and the back. If anyone has one please i am begging you to let me know. I want both but will settle with front or back.

    Also does anyone know of a company that produces or can reproduce stickers from atvs from years past. I would like to outlie this with all new stickers like the original had.

    By the way, total cost of this machine. $35. I got it for free and rebuilt the carb and it runs great. So again please someone help me out.

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    Great rig! They are a lot of fun. As for racks good luck on your search, you may be better served to buy a universal rack and fab up mounts for it. One great thing about those wheelers is that they can literally be "tossed" into a boat and taken WAY out there.I have no doubt that it will last for many years!

    For logo's I would just have some custom decals made. I doubt that you will find originals but w/ the internet anything is possible

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    Default where do you get custom logos made?

    any help would be great


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