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    hey guys, I'm in the market for a mud motor as I'm preparing for the L48 and I was wondering if someone in the fairbanks area had one and didn't mind showing me a thing or two about their rig. The likes and dislikes. I'm not set on a certain brand as I'm just starting the researching portion. I just want to see one in person and talk to someone who owns one.

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    I have one out at my cabin - fun stuff. Great on fuel, easy to start and can push a boat real shallow. They vibrate quite a bit and are kind of noisey and you need to muscle them a little if you are on some turney routes; but if you have some man in you; you should do just fine. The most funnest boat I have ever driven ! Most of those flat riveted tin boats are wimpy on the transom, so if you get anything bigger than a 20 hp, you may need to reinforce it for the heavier weight. How can 10 million Asians be wrong ?


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