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Thread: Lost Paddle

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    Default Lost Paddle

    I'm posting this with the miracle possiblity in mind that someone who reads this will have found, or heard of a found packraft paddle in Eagle River. The paddle is the Manta Ray Fiberglass.

    The actual paddles are yellow, the handle is black. The paddles say "Aqua Bound" on them, along with some other writing. Paddle is 210 cm long.
    Paddle was lost in river around Icicle Creek on the evening of Wednesday, July 07.
    Please please please PM me if you have any information regarding this post, I was given the raft and paddle as a college graduation present 1 day before it was lost!

    Now for the interesting part...
    Paddle was lost because I was caught in a strainer, I along with my raft and gear was sucked underneath the log and was pretty darn close to drowning. Without some serious divine intervention I would be a gonner. Pretty crazy story and Im a pretty fortunate guy.

    Recovered everything but a bungee cord and the paddle.

    I'm lucky to be here, please be safe doing whatever your doing.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    Default 36 degree dunk?

    Interesting series of apparently experienced a powerful educational opportunity...and sound lucky that the paddle is the only item needing a search-and rescue, I mean search-and-recovery. Were you alone?

    Get your paddle, get back up on that horse. You are now a more SAGE horseman, I mean rafter. If you have not taken a white water rescue course, you may want to consider it. I previously took two WW Rescue classes and became a more effient and safer rafter, yet more confident and competent. Just a thought for somebody who has nearly saw the other side. And hey, not trying to be really sarcastic, but it's quite dark on the bottom of a glacial river, isn't it? I been there.

    The Eagle River rapids and river obstructions in that Icicly Creek area, and especially downstream from there can be really nasty. Did you pack your (small?) boat the six miles from the Eagle River visiters center?? Cold, wasn't it. Based on my past temperature reading, taken at either the confluence of E.R. and Icicle Creek or Dishwater Creek, the water temps were consistently 36 or 37 degrees.

    Good Luck, Great rafting...



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