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Thread: Kodiak South Road System Goat Hunt

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    Default Kodiak South Road System Goat Hunt

    I drew a mt. goat tag for the south road system in Kodiak and was looking for some input from others who have done the hunt regarding locations to begin.

    I plan to take the ferry to Kodiak so I have my own vehicle and am figuring on going probably mid-Sept, so as to have a chance at an animal with a thicker coat. Plus, I figure if unsuccesful I will still have another month or so to plan another trip before the tag runs out.

    Planning to primarily day hike in, but also planning to bring my backpacking tent, etc so I can hike in further off the road to increase my chances. I have no problem doing quite a bit of hiking and camping overnight to get away from the crowds.

    I hunted Kodiak last year (Larsen Bay) for deer, so I'm familiar with the potential weather and terrain.

    Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.

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    I hunted that a couple years ago and had a good time, but it was a lot more work than I expected for a "road system" tag.

    I did have a decent stalk on day one right off the road, but the open terrain prevented us from getting any closer than about 500 yards. We ended up hiking in off Pasagshak Bay Road and setting up camp about a mile in. I shot a goat the next day after about 3-4 miles of hiking back in where we spotted goats. We decided to take a different route back to the road due to the terrain we had to cross to get to the goats, which ended up being a nightmare. We went through some crazy terrain, steep declines, thick alders and had to set up a shelter overnight since we didn't make it out of there. We managed to get a fire going and it helped us stay warm that night, but we didn't get much sleep. It still took another 3-4 hours the next day to get out of there and back to the road. Lesson learned there.

    I'm hoping to get that tag again and give it another go. I shot a 9" nanny with my buddies 300, but I really wanted to get one with the bow. The silvers were in, but being stingy and not many people were catching them, but that was the last couple days of September. Definately bring your salmon rods.

    Be ready for steep climbs, although the elevation isn't bad there. Avoid the alders if you can, and the grass will be very tall and get annoying to work through. Good luck on your hunt!

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    send me a pm with your email address and i'll take all the leg work outa it for you, after all thats what the internet has done to hunting...shot a nice billy with my bow on that tag last year and guide i've done it a few times. congrats on a sweet goat tag.
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